Bumper Paint Repair

Leaving scratches on your bumpers can make your vehicle seem tired and used, especially to a potential buyer. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality in workmanship and using only the newest products. This is one of the most common repairs in our industry and we are experts at completing it.

Bumper dent and crack repair

Heat reshaping, Plastic welding, Hot stapling
Severe damage to your bumper almost seems like an impossible task to deal with. At ABS we can fix any dent, crack, tear or undulations utilising our techniques of heat reshaping, plastic welding and hot stapling to ensure we return your bumper to a factory shape and restore your paint to that glossy finish.

Headlight restoration

It’s not only paint that does not always stand up to the harsh Australian UV rays, but most plastics as well. Is one or both of your headlights cloudy and discoloured? This cloudiness can reduce your headlights illumination and decrease light output by as much as 80% and in some cases make your vehicle unroadworthy. Call ABS today and we can fix this problem with our headlight restoration process.

External paint rejuvenation

Little scratches from everyday use can increase in quantity very quickly and make it seem like your vehicle is not maintained or loved. Not all vehicles are able to be parked undercover during the day and with Australia’s harsh UV rays it is very easy for oxidisation and paint degeneration to occur, especially when your car is not washed as often as it should. At ABS we can restore your vehicles appearance and UV reflection ability back to what it once was with our full external paint rejuvenation process.

Parts sourcing and replacing

Some bingles can sadly damage some parts of your car to a point where a repair is not possible and replacement is needed. ABS is proficient in removing and refitting parts that you need replaced. Whether it be a headlight, taillight, mirror cover or complete bumper, ABS will help you out.

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Panel repairs

Sadly not all scratches can be buffed out. Whether your vehicle has a scratch on a door, quarter panel or fender, or scratch/scuff that runs across multiple panels we can assist with completing the repair and restoring your vehicle to a standard and quality you will be proud of.

Alloy wheel repairs

It’s very easy to make a nice set of alloy wheels look bad these days. Gutter rash is very hard to avoid but can be fixed by ABS in no time whatsoever. We can restore your rims to what they once were with our alloy wheel repair process.


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